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My unlock code is not working.


If your unlock code is not working, please check that you are entering the code correctly. Please verify that you are not typing an o for a zero, a b for an eight, an s for a five, etc.

If you purchased LauncherPro Plus unlocker from the market, you don't need an unlock code, please refer to this article.

If you purchased LauncherPro Plus with an eCheck, the unlock code that we provided is not activated until PayPal clears the payment. You can verify the status of your eCheck on your PayPal account. As soon as PayPal clears your eCheck, your unlock code will be automatically added to our database.

If you don't get any error messages but LauncherPro remains locked, please try using a different internet connection to unlock it. We have been informed that some providers (particularly in France) may have issues connecting to LauncherPro's server for unlocking.

If you succesfully enter your unlock code but after the restart you still have no access to LauncherPro Plus features you may be experiencing an issue related to the latest Samsung update for Galaxy S users. Some users of Darky's ROM have also experienced this problem.
You can solve this issue by using a root explorer and erasing /dbdata/databases/com.fede.launcher
If you are not rooted, a factory reset should work. Remember to perform a backup prior to the reset to keep your settings.

If you have tried the above, but your problem persists, please open a ticket in our Help Desk and we will help you with your problem.

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